Engineering Patent Attorneys

Engineering Patent Attorneys

Engineering Patent Attorneys
Engineering Patent Attorneys

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IP Reviews & Audits

We can help you to determine what IP you as an individual or a company is generating, what IP should be protected and, importantly, why. We can also help you to determine what IP you already own and how best to manage that IP going forwards.

Patent Box

A key driver for filing a UK or European patent application may be to benefit from a reduction in Corporation Tax which is currently available under the governmental ‘Patent Box’ regime and which is applicable to profits earned in relation to products or processes covered by a granted UK patent, a European patent which designates the UK, or a patent granted by a number of Patent Offices in specific European states.


We work closely with an independent searching company to carry out detailed patentability and validity/infringement searches which often form the first stage of a patentability exercise before filing a new patent application, a detailed validity/infringement analysis in relation to a competitor, or a Freedom-To-Operate (FTO) assessment before launching a new product or process.


As part of a validity/infringement assessment, a client may wish to be provided with a non-binding opinion from a qualified patent attorney which details why, in our opinion, a granted patent or registered design is valid or invalid and/or infringed or not infringed. Alternatively, a client may wish to obtain an official opinion from the UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO) as to whether or not a UK or European (UK) patent is valid and/or infringed and which is owned by, or is of commercial interest to, the client. Such an opinion is non-binding but can help to negotiate a settlement or to decide whether to start full legal proceedings against a third party. Furthermore, the IPO can begin revocation proceedings if a patent is found to be invalid.

Third Party Rights

Sometimes a competitor’s patent or patent application may present a hurdle or threat to your commercial activities. We can advise and assist with invalidating a granted patent or preventing a patent being granted. Likewise, we can help if a third party has filed observations against your patent application or has attacked the validity of your granted patent.

Due Diligence

As part of a corporate acquisition or merger, we have the experience to conduct a detailed review and assessment of an existing IP portfolio to confirm what is about to be acquired fully meets the client’s expectations, and also to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the IP assets within the portfolio in terms of territorial coverage, ownership, scope and/or validity.

Trade Marks & Copyright

We strongly believe that the client should receive the best possible service and that includes ensuring your attorney is absolutely the right person for the job in terms of possessing the correct technology expertise and respective legal experience. Whilst we are happy and able to provide general advice in relation to trade mark and copyright matters, we currently choose to refer such work, particularly if even remotely litigious, to a firm of IP solicitors who specialise in such matters on a daily basis.


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Engineering Patent Attorneys

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